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  1. Moogujind says:
    IF condition Then true_code Else false_code End IF. Note that the Else part of this statement is optional. Now if you’re wondering what’s the difference between the two syntaxes, let me clarify. The first syntax is a simple one-line IF THEN ELSE statement where you don’t need to use the END IF statement.
  2. Akinoshicage says:
    Use the inflation adjustment calculator to see how much you’d pay for an item if you bought it now instead of sometime in the past.
  3. Dujin says:
    adverb Then is defined as at that time or soon afterward. An example of then is in the phrase "then we had" which shows the order of what was eaten in the sentence "First we had an appetizer and then we had our entrees." YourDictionary definition and usage example.
  4. Sakree says:
    6 hours ago · A year-old Florida man is probably one bite shy of a punch card for receiving a free burger somewhere as he was recently bit by an 8-foot-shark, after having previously been bit in his life by.
  5. Zulurisar says:
    We use 'it is then' in context with our totally corroboration. for instance: A:Where will we go, India or pakistan? B:I think we should go India. A:Okay, India it is, then. here B decides to go India and A confirms tuevidcomprapergecelirekalibcha.coinfo saying it is then,A also directs that we definitly go where you tuevidcomprapergecelirekalibcha.coinfo B has no right to change the place.
  6. Kiran says:
    1 day ago · Just when you thought Azealia Banks had ran out of tea she brews a new batch. She has called out one Rap’s biggest names and then followed it .
  7. Gujinn says:
    • If then follows that the sign of the risk premium can not be decided apriori. • If not, then - he would still be there next week. • If Yes, then it is a road. • If it then moves away it allows those behind to follow suit. • If not, then that first flight is going to be a short one.

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