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  1. Turisar says:
    Shining (stylized as SHINING) is a Norwegian avant-garde music band from Oslo. Thirteen musicians have been a part of the band's line-up in its history, with singer, guitarist, saxophonist and songwriter Jørgen Munkeby as its leading force and only constant member. It is also referred to as SHINING (NOR) to avoid confusion with the eponymous Swedish black metal band Shining (3).
  2. Feramar says:
    Shining Bucket Danny eventually meets the year-old Abra Stone, whose shining is "the brightest ever seen" and together they're forced to fight off a "terrifying tribe of quasi-immortal beings." Stephen King Reveals 'Shining' Sequel Publication Date; 'Doctor Sleep' To Be On Shelves In Fall Of
  3. Shaktitilar says:
    The band's name does not refer to the Stephen King horror novel The Shining (nor the Stanley Kubrick movie based on it); rather, according to Niklas Kvarforth, it means "the path to enlightenment". All Shining full-length albums have six songs, and usually have roman numbers preceding the titles in chronological order.
  4. Maujora says:
    There are multiple artists under the name of Shining: 1) A Swedish extreme metal / black metal band. 2) A Norwegian progressive metal / avant-garde jazz group. 3) Julian Beeston, an electronic musician. 4) Early noise recordings from Illinois, USA.
  5. Tashicage says:
    Jun 26,  · Before Doctor Sleep, there was The Shining, a classic of modern American horror from the undisputed master, Stephen King. Jack Torrance’s new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start. As the off-season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel, he’ll have plenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing.
  6. Samurg says:
    May 23,  · The Shining Critics Consensus. Though it deviates from Stephen King's novel, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is a chilling, often baroque journey into madness -- 85%.
  7. Vosho says:
    Founded in , Shining Technology, Inc., is a Cypress, Calif.-based manufacturer of cost-effective, high-performance and award-winning specialized storage peripherals and accessories for the professional and prosumer video markets. With a dedicated and growing customer base, the company is a key player, providing critical add-on tools.
  8. Doukus says:
    Mar 01,  · Emitting light. Synonyms: glowing, luminous; see also Thesaurus:shining , Joseph C. Lincoln, chapter 1, in Mr. Pratt's Patients: 'Twas early June, the new grass was flourishing everywheres, the posies in the yard—peonies and such—in full bloom, the sun was shining, and the water of the bay was blue, with light green streaks where the shoal.
  9. Kegore says:
    SYNONYMS FOR shine 1 glimmer, shimmer. Shine, beam, glare refer to the emitting or reflecting of light. Shine refers to a steady glowing or reflecting of light: to shine in the sun.

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